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Thursday, January 1, 2009


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All my photographs were captured using Nikon cameras and Nikon lenses.

Gallery Comments 

1. TC wrote about this gallery on Mar 21st, 2012

View from Jersey City, NJ, USA.

As a resident of Jersey City, I have to say these are some of the better pictures I've seen that really capture the essence of the city. Great gallery, great pictures!

2. Vivian wrote about this gallery on Mar 19th, 2012

Wow, Dan, I'm very impressed with the artistic talent of Sophia at a very young age. She can sing and dance. Unbelievable that she knows the lyrics to many songs. Good job, Sophia. I enjoyed the "If you want to eat a pillow" song Keep it up, Sophia. You are so cute...

3. Chris wrote about this gallery on Mar 12th, 2012

Fantastic work, Dan! The pictures of Dimi and Minerva are great and I know the kids enjoyed posing so thanks for your efforts. I will check back to give all the other shots a look in the near future. Thanks, again, Chris.

4. Chan wrote about this gallery one year ago

Winter in Lincoln Park, Jersey City, NJ, USA.

I had a fabulous time looking at every picture. I was thrilled to have so many different options to choose from in the collection. With over so many images, your creativity is endless.

5. Guest wrote about this gallery one year ago


Thank you so much for the 4 oil paintings. They are amazing and such a great bargain.

6. Guest wrote about this gallery one year ago

Densus Monastery, Romania.

My wife and I really liked the monasteries galleries. You have a true talent & it is so wonderful that you can share it with the world through the computer. The places you photograph should be treasured and preserved for the future generations. Hopefully, with your photos, you can show the world how valuable these monasteries are. Keep up the great work, and please include me on any new additions to your site!

7. Dan wrote about this gallery one year ago

A young girl caught in the act of picking her nose.

This is a nice job! I really loved the portraits and the children section. Keep doing it - you are very good at this!

8. Tanya wrote about this gallery two years ago

Barsana monastery, one of the main attractions in Maramures, Romania.

Very impressive, Dan! I love the Monasteries photos. Like the Romanian Villages. Nice, Peaceful and down to earth. It is so authentic and reminds me of the Ukrainian villages.

9. Guest wrote about this gallery two years ago

Amazing and peaceful landscape in a village, Romania.

Love it!!! You have an amazing perception of nature and the unique vision of it.

10. Magdalena wrote about this gallery two years ago

Tismana Monastery, Romania.

Este salutara ideea ta de a promova manastirile romanesti si de admirat efortul tau. Poate ele reprezinta cel mai bine spiritul romanesc, cu toata incarcatura lui istorica si emotionala. Eu, personal, simt asta la propriu , atunci cand am ocazia sa le vizitez.

11. Boris wrote about this gallery two years ago
Traditional Romanian village house.

This rare photo that captures the awe-inspiring coloring of Romanian folkloric houses reminded me of other albums that I browsed in Mexico and in Eastern Europe. What makes this photo impressive is the freshness of the light and color. Beautiful.